Carbon Accounting

Calculating a carbon footprint for a site, group of assets, or your entire supply chain has a wide range of benefits for an organisation. These can include cost savings, a reduction in environmental impact, adherence to compliance requirements, reputation management, and serving as a yardstick of performance measurement.

Cress can evaluate your carbon footprint and work with you to find cost effective ways to reduce emissions, achieve carbon neutral certification, or navigate the complexities of carbon offsets.

Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions calculation

Understanding your carbon emissions footprint is becoming par for the course throughout sustainable commerce. Whether it’s for internal strategy or public disclosure of emissions reductions, Cress is experienced in emissions boundary scoping and associated calculations to accurately quantify the greenhouse gas emissions across a variety of industries.

Carbon reduction strategy

Setting targets towards net zero emissions is an excellent way to both cut costs and display to stakeholders that your business is committed to its sustainability vision. Cress helps clients to identify emissions hotspots, choose the right reduction technologies or pathways, and to design strategies to make tangible reductions in emissions.

Abatement opportunities and pathways to emissions reduction

Cress can help to find the lowest cost carbon abatement opportunities and identify pathways to reduce carbon emissions over an appropriate timeframe. Refer to our Carbon Accounting services section for more information on our range of related services.

Carbon certifications

Achieving carbon neutral certification is an excellent way for a business to convey its ongoing commitment to sustainable development to stakeholders and differentiate from competitors. It also provides businesses with a useful framework on which to build an emissions reduction strategy. Our consultants are Climate Active Registered Consultants, experienced in guiding clients in a range of industries through the process of carbon neutral certification.

In addition to Climate Active, Cress also has experience helping businesses attain the New Zealand based Toitu Envirocare suite of certifications, including the “Climate Positive” +125% carbon offsetting option, showing commitment above and beyond the more common carbon neutral certification.

Carbon offsetting

Some emissions associated with doing business can be unavoidable. Cress can advise your business on which carbon offsets to buy, ensuring your support is directed at the most impactful initiatives that align with your values and industry. This advice ranges from advice on type of offset, pricing, prospective and retrospective offset retirement, and upcoming projects and initiatives underway at home and abroad.

Carbon Neutral Certification

Cress has extensive experience helping our clients reach carbon neural certification through various schemes. We manage the process end to end for you, helping your business achieve a stress free certification.

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