Sustainability Strategy Design & Delivery

Designing and implementing sustainability strategies and programs that maintain profitability and reduce risk can help you achieve a more sustainable, secure future.

Cress can help you identify pathways, applying bright, practical, and pragmatic solutions that help you to continue to grow in a changing and increasingly challenging environment.

Sustainability analysis

Each of our sustainability strategies begins with an analysis of key issues. This involves:

Identifying material environmental, social and economic risks

Identifying material risks involves a comprehensive analysis of potential threats that could negatively impact an organisation’s financial performance, reputation, or ability to achieve its strategic objectives.

Identifying stakeholder concerns

Identifying stakeholder concerns involves actively engaging and communicating with stakeholders to understand their needs, expectations, and potential areas of conflict or dissatisfaction in order to inform decision-making and mitigate risk.

Identifying climate risk

Identifying climate risk involves assessing the potential physical, transition, and liability risks associated with climate change impacts, such as extreme weather events, changing regulations, and reputational harm, and developing strategies to manage and adapt to these risks.

Sustainability strategy development

Effective sustainability strategy is developed on the basis of a well informed set of key issues.

Design and implementation of risk reduction strategies

Once analysis has been completed, Cress specialises in the tailored design and careful implementation of strategies to reduce sustainability related risk.

Uncover opportunities for sustainable growth, resource efficiency and water security

One of the most important elements of a sustainability analysis is its propensity to uncover opportunities for internal efficiencies and cost savings while also benefitting the environment and the people who live in it.

Implementation of roadmap

Cress carefully delivers its sustainability strategies with robust and clear roadmaps, allowing our clients to understand fully when and how they are progressing along their sustainability journey.

Sustainable procurement

The pathway to sustainability frequently starts with procurement. It makes sense to focus on the supply chain given that 80 to 90% of carbon emissions, impacts on air, land, water and biodiversity can occur in the supply chain.

Sometimes called ethical or responsible sourcing, sustainable procurement describes the process of integrating environmental and social considerations into the procurement process to reduce the cost and risk associated with adverse impacts on health, social conditions or the environment. Aligning sustainable procurement with your business objectives, designing and implementing sustainable procurement policy and working with suppliers to set goals and establish baselines are just some of the ways Cress can help your business become more sustainable and reduce risk.

Supply chain assessment and review

The integrity and resilience of your supply chain is important for cost control and business continuity but it’s also important to understand the sustainability aspects of your supply chain to reduce environmental, social and reputational risks. Cress can undertake a sustainability assessment and review of your supply chains providing greater peace of mind.


Understanding who is most important to your business, both internally and externally, has a critical role to play in sustainability strategy.

Stakeholder mapping

Stakeholders are those that have some sort of influence, involvement, concern, investment, interest or view in your business or operations. We can help you identify and map your key stakeholders. Understanding stakeholder views, interests and concerns helps you be better prepared and able to work through any issues before they become problems. It can also identify if there are any synergies to take advantage of together.

Stakeholder consultation and collaboration

Cress can help you design a range of stakeholder consultation programs to get to know your key stakeholders, understand their perspectives and concerns as well as identify areas of potential collaboration. Cress can help you establish and build relationships with community, employees, regulators and other stakeholders.

Regulatory issues resolution

Sometimes, the development assessment process can be affected by unexpected delays. A range of technical, communication or stakeholder issues may be involved. Whatever the issue, Cress can help equip you with the right information and strategy.

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